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One might ask, what is the purpose of this site? It's here to promote the artist's work in painted miniatures and commissions. If you're not interested in a commission, then it exists to browse, perhaps to inspire. You may want to try what you see here, or if you don't like it, be inspired to do the opposite. You may want to just enjoy the pictures. I'm an artist who also enjoys painting and collecting various figures from many companies. You can see some small examples of my work on this page. To get a full view (with much larger images), use the buttons to your left and browse the gallery.

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The main goal at the Painted Dungeon is to try and offer affordable miniature commission prices to the common people. My brush is for hire, and yours to command - on your budget! I don't claim to paint on the level of a contest winner, but I also don't charge their rates. Here you can hire one figure or one hundred, and you decide how much time you want put into the commission, and thus what it will cost. We can try to work something out which will fit on your budget. If you're building an army, the price goes down the more miniatures you commission me to paint. Armies and collections are always welcome, and references are always available on request. You can also browse the Ebay and web store for completed figures you can buy immediately.

My turn around time varies depending on the complexity of the miniature and how much the customer wants to spend / how much time they want put into each figure. On average, I paint up to 3 Reaper figures to what I rate as "Moderate" (see Galleries) in a day. I work 6 days per week on commissions or the store. My schedule is usually flexible so to take in most projects at any time. You can contact me with any questions at artist(at)painteddungeon(dot)org or painteddungeon(at)yahoo(dot)com

I'd personally love nothing more than to own an army of miniatures, even a small one, painted / converted by a Golden Demon winner. Unfortunately, I don't have the money they rightfully commission their time and talent. I've found many people are the same and simply can't afford or don't want their armies or figures painted by an artist who charges $100.00 to even begin. I'd also be mortified to field an army I commissioned for that much no matter how well sealed. With that in mind, I have designed this site.

I've painted figures from all of the major companies, and a few of the Dixon western figures for myself.

I hope you enjoy your stay.

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